Insolvency of Anglo Austrian AAB AG

On 2 March 2020, the Commercial Court of Vienna opened insolvency proceedings on the assets of Anglo Austrian AAB AG (hereinafter "AAB"). As a result, depositors no longer have access to the accounts held for them.

Pursuant to Section 9 of the Austrian Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Act (ESAEG), a payout event was triggered.

As the competent deposit guarantee and investor compensation scheme, we protect the claims of AAB's customers within the framework of the statutory provisions. Deposits of up to 100,000 EUR and investor compensation claims of up to 20,000 EUR per customer are covered. We are committed to a smooth payout.

Deposits with AAB which we cannot compensate fully or - due to the legal maximum compensation limit - only proportionately can possibly be claimed in insolvency proceedings (HG Wien, GZ 5S29/20d).


Securities are not deposit protected. The securities held in the securities account are held by AAB solely on behalf of you and must be transferred to you at any time. They are not part of the insolvency assets. Please contact the insolvency administrator RA Dr. Georg Freimüller directly for the transfer of the securities.

Transfer of securities (send to [email protected]!) RA Dr. Georg Freimüller


  • Information on account balances or other customer-specific information cannot be provided for reasons of data protection.
  • We ask for your understanding that the payment of compensation can only be made by transfer to an account at another bank.