AAB: Compensations Information (Update: March, 21st 2020)

The payout procedure in a nutshell:

  • All customers notified to us by AAB have received a personal letter from us with the individual access data for our payout website.
  • You will be asked to enter your new bank account details (IBAN) on the payout website, as well as any bearer savings books in your possession protected with a password.
  • After checking the data you have provided us with, your compensation will generally be transferred to your new account.
  • Do you have a securities account with AAB? Click here to find more information.
  • You have not yet received our personal letter with the individual access data to our payout website? Please fill in the form "(re-)legitimation" and send it by e-mail to service@einlagensicherung.at. You will find the form in the download area.

What is guaranteed?

Which deposits are covered by the deposit guarantee?

In general, all credit balances on interest-bearing or non-interest-bearing accounts or saving books, such as salary and pension accounts, current accounts, fixed-term deposits, capital savings books or savings books payable on demand are covered.

We calculate your covered deposits on the basis of the data provided by the AAB. We will then transfer the compensation amount to you in euros to the account at another bank that you have provided us with.

If your deposit with AAB was held in a different currency, it will be converted into euros at the mid-rate of March, 3rd 2020.

I hold a bearer savings book of AAB, secured with a password. Is the deposit on this savings book also guaranteed?

In general, deposits on so-called bearer savings books are also guaranteed. Such a savings book is not denominated in name, is secured by a password, and the deposit on the savings book is a maximum of 15,000 euros.

As this type of savings book is not assigned to a specific customer in the AAB customer system, you must register your bearer savings book on our payout website. To do so, please enter the savings book number and the password in the fields provided and upload a photo of the savings book showing the savings book number and the last entry of AAB.

The deposit on a bearer savings book will be included in your compensation amount after registration.

Who is covered?

Are only deposits of Austrian citizens guaranteed?

No, the nationality of the depositor is irrelevant. Therefore, deposits of customers who are not Austrian citizens are also guaranteed.

Are deposits of minors guaranteed?

Yes, of course, deposits of minors are also guaranteed.

In addition to the disclosure of the new account details, we require a letter signed by a parent or legal guardian or representative, in which, referring to the account number at the AAB, the account details disclosed to us online or at the service centre are confirmed. Please use the form in our download area for this purpose.

What about joint accounts?

A joint account is not held by one person, but by several persons. The basic principle that up to 100,000 euros per person is secured, regardless of the number of accounts or savingbooks, also applies here. Therefore, provided that all account holders are legitimated, the maximum payout amount of 100,000 euros applies to each account holder (multiple payout). The deposit on the joint account is to be distributed equally among the account holders.

If, for example, there is a deposit of 200,000 euros in a joint account with two account holders, each of the two account holders is entitled to 100,000 euros.

The same applies analogously to joint savings books denominated in names. In this case, it must also be taken into account that before the guaranteed amount is paid out, any agreed password must be provided.

Securities and/or deposits exceeding 100.000 Euro?

Are deposits exceeding 100.000 euros protected? What are temporary high balances?

In certain cases, you can make an application for compensation for your deposit over and above the general maximum amount of 100,000 euros up to a total of 500,000 euros.

To do so, you must prove to us that the deposit has been credited to your account

  • between 2 March 2019 and 2 March 2020, and either
  • originates from real estate transactions in connection with privately used residential property, or
  • fulfils social purposes provided for by law and is linked to certain life events of yours, such as marriage, divorce, retirement, termination, dismissal, disability or death, or
  • is based on the payment of insurance benefits or compensation for physical injury resulting from criminal offences or false criminal convictions.

The deadline for filing applications is 12 months after the opening of insolvency proceedings, i.e. on March, 3rd 2021.

You can download an application form in our download area.

My deposits with AAB amount to more than 100,000 euros. What happens to the part of the deposits that exceeds 100,000 euros?

We guarantee a maximum of 100,000 euros per depositor (including the pro rata interest accrued up to 2 March 2020). Deposits with AAB which we cannot compensate fully or - due to the legal maximum compensation limit - only proportionately can possibly be claimed in insolvency proceedings (HG Wien, GZ 5S29/20d). Please contact the insolvency administrator RA Dr. Georg Freimüller directly.

What happens to securities that I have in a securities account with AAB?

The securities held in the securities account are held by AAB solely on behalf of you and must be transferred to you at any time. Click here to find more information.

I haven't received a letter?
Can I personally present to you?

I have not yet received a letter with my personal login code for the payout website?

We have sent letters to all depositors notified to us by AAB on March, 6th 2020. Please note that depending on the delivery address and country, the mail may take a little longer to arrive.

If you do not receive a letter from us, please use the form in our download area to provide us with your personal data. As soon as you are registered in our system, you will receive the letter with your personal access code.

I have received the letter with my access code for the payout website, but I do not wish to disclose my personal data via the Internet.

Please contact our service hotline and you will be connected to one of our staff who will be happy to help you with the handling of your personal data.

In order to ensure that we are in contact with the actual authorized account holder, we will ask you to provide proof of identity at the beginning of the conversation. For this purpose, please have the letter with your access code as well as the last account statement at hand.

Please bear in mind that there may be longer waiting times for our telephone service due to the restrictions associated with the official protection measures against the coronavirus.

Information on account balances or other customer-specific information cannot be provided for reasons of data protection. The use of the website to transmit the required information for compensation is in any case the simpler and more time-saving option for you.